Recognizing its immense potential, VX has recently entered into strategic partnerships within the broadcast and technology space to catalyze and better serve the fashion industry, an emerging economic powerhouse for the African continent.

Business Development

We focus on the development of innovative multidisciplinary initiatives that cut across and connect different industries. This in itself has led to the creation, production and management of innovative solutions and events.

Our expertise and resources have enabled us to specialize in this area, develop the concept globally and work with people who are responsible for developing many of the world’s top brands.

It is this focus and specialization that assures our position at the marketing fore front of the Creative, Media and Information Technology industries.

By gaining a clear understanding of the requirements of our clients’ business and brand objectives, we are able to help them re-examine their marketing strategies and work to provide marketing and brand promotion solutions through targeted campaigns. Our specialty is the use of entertainment events that are driven by their customer needs all with the aim of helping to achieve company objectives.

Our success is based on our ability to execute strategic campaigns with advertising and PR elements while identifying innovative media and entertainment solutions that are both effective and versatile.

By understanding our clients’ performance metrics and their key deliverables, we are able to provide an integrated 360 approach to engaging with their audiences and get the most out of every marketing dollar.

Working directly with clients or with agencies we also provide the advice and direction necessary to integrate entertainment effectively into marketing communication plans.

Strategic Marketing and Production Services

We provide the support and production services to execute each project efficiently and cost effectively while consistently exceeding the required objectives of our clients.
We offer all the tactical tools necessary to implement successful campaigns & entertainment solutions with results.

  • Brand building campaigns & Mass Communication
  • Press Conferences & Product Launches
  • A & P Strategy & Implementation Management
  • Merchandising
  • Local & International Media Relations
  • Online Marketing
Entertainment Solutions:
  • Event Strategy Development, Creative Design, Conceptualization & Management.
  • Show / Entertainment Management and Implementation.
  • Artist Management.
  • Logistics & Production Management.
  • Strategic Personality Alliances / Co-branding partnerships
  • Market entry strategy.
  • Growing market share
  • Business growth consulting
  • Public Relations & Reputation Management
  • CSR Strategy